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Learn How to Get Clients to Stay Longer, Feel Happy and Achieve Better Results

Get The Customer Success Manifesto Today and See An Increase In Client Happiness, Team Performance And Business Profitability


Hey Coach, Consultant or Agency Owner

This is Ben McLellan and Jay Goncalves and in our new book, The Customer Success Manifesto we'd like to show you how we have reached 80% retention in our Consulting business and how you can too.

It will help you serve more people and you'll be ready to delegate service to your team and retain your clients for 4x longer.

It will help you remove any drop-off and build a a tribe or Raving Fans. If you’re ready to scale your business to 100+ active clients or more.

It will help you with rising ad costs and increasing complexity in your business.

Maybe You're Just One Fulfillment Funnel™ Away?

If you're ready to have happier clients and add multiple six figures in profit to your business in the next 12 months, get your copy of The Customer Success Manifesto today for just $9.99 and see...

  • How to diagnose why you're stuck in a Growth Phase and not actually Scaling your business

  • What a Fulfillment Funnel™ is and how you can increase your profits by 25-100% without spending money acquiring new clients

  • The magic behind crafting your own High Lifetime Value Offer

  • Why regret is the worst feeling the clients can feel and how it might destroy your business from the inside

  • The trick we use to manage expectations that builds client ownership to avoid escalation and clients blaming us for the lack of results they get

This book is a MUST READ for owners who want...

  • To transform into a Raving Fan business that thrives on client retention and referrals

  • To create magical experiences for your clients while reducing your service complexity (through a secret psychological trick that makes clients crave more)

  • An in-depth application chapter that shows you exactly how to apply all concepts

  • A Bonus Section with the secrets we learned while consulting with more than 100 online gurus you're probably familiar with

Ready To Learn How To Install A Fulfillment Funnel™ Into Your Online Business?

What are companies like Uber, IKEA, Belgo, and Eurostar doing that makes them so profitable? They know how to scale relationships.

But Online Gurus are lying to you about Scaling to hundreds of clients without creating an exceptional customer experience. Ben and I created this book with that in mind. When you feel like there is much more to be done in how you serve your clients, we’ve got you.

For a long time, marketers, specifically in the online space, have been making bolder and bolder promises. We started with promises of being capable of running a six-figure business (expert or agency), then everyone was promising a seven-figure business, and nowadays they promise you multiple seven figures without even working.

You might have fallen prey to that, pumping money into ads, hiring appointment setters, and having a massive sales team. Still, you face the same challenges as before, but with more chaos.

We've been there, and we found a different path to success and having a business we love. Since 2020 we have consulted with more than 100 7 and 8-figure businesses on how to scale their online services and have helped our clients generate 100m dollars in backend sales across these industries: Coaches & Consultants, Digital Agencies, Saas products, Ecommerce, Brick and mortar, and Startup Incubators.

We didn’t accomplish this using fancy Marketing tactics and Sales gimmicks. In fact, we're not the greatest marketers on earth and have still helped our clients generate more than 9 figures in revenue.

What we did was create a Fulfillment Funnel™ for our clients so that their clients stayed 4x longer, allowing our clients to 3-4x their lifetime client value.

Everything you're going to learn in this book is simple, some things are common sense, evergreen, and feel like you're creating magic for your clients. It's full of ideas that can be used for any offer and even if you don't implement it all, just one single change will transform your business forever.

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