Are you ready to increase your revenue and spend less time on sales and marketing simply because your clients stay in your program 4X longer?

If you’re a Coach or Consultant with a good heart that has served at least ten clients with your offer and want them to stay 4x longer without spending hours upon hours creating marketing materials or taking more sales calls...

The Client Loyalty Workshop is for you.

In the last five years, marketing strategies have gone crazy. Webinars, funnels, traffic, and accelerators are all over the place.

In a space where we jump from belts to elites, you’ll face challenges delivering your sales call’s promises.

The old promise of being rich overnight is fading, and soon everyone will go back to what always worked. Relationships.

It's about building long-lasting relationships with your clients based on ethics and trust, where you can scale knowing you deliver on your promises. And doing this without the huge growth being immediately followed by shrinking profits month over month, where you can’t sustain the growth without burning out or burning money.

We’re just tired of that.

And 2021 is a different year. Things are changing slowly but steadily.

Sales teams are scaling back.

Ad costs are going up.

The only answer to that is to increase your lifetime client value.

So if you’re tired of living in scarcity mindset, with feast and famine client cycles, without knowing if next month you can make enough money to pay the bills… I want to invite you to get this easy fix that will take you less than three hours to implement and less than a month to see results.

Imagine that you work with two new clients a month, averaging 24 new clients a year.

What you’ll get access to will allow you to DOUBLE your revenue and DOUBLE your salary without adding new clients.

And we both know money is important. The beauty of what you’ll be able to implement after the workshop will allow you to show up and do the WORK YOU LOVE without sacrificing increased profits.


The Customer Loyalty Workshop. This simple workshop was built on the premise that you want to stand out in a crowded Coaching and Consulting space.

If you believe scaling should be ethical, you care about clients’ results, and want them to be successful then we want to welcome you into our fam.

So the answer to clients that leave too early and make you go into the marketing and sales hunt is to create stable monthly recurring revenue without depending on ads and worrying about accounts being shut down.

And we wanted you to take this mission of being a client-centered business forward and being able to express your true genius and make some real money out of it.

We will cover all of that in this online workshop, where you’ll have access to the whole team and all the shortcuts bit by bit. It’s exactly what we’ve taught and integrated into more than 30 successful 7 and 8 figure businesses we have consulted with.

This is optimized for you, so with my team, we can help you scale your business ethically, tripling the clients you can serve without tripling your acquisition costs.

You’ll have complete control over the client’s journey and experience. You’ll be able to have CONTROL over your business.

We work together for five days on the following things:

It's time to end the stacking of more information inside your programs. It's reducing your profit and overwhelming your clients. We'll teach you exactly what you need to know to increase value and profits without the overwhelm.

It's about time to feel excited about your own business again by working on the things that you love while delivering a better client experience. We will show you exactly how to build that framework in what we call the Genius DNA Offer. Not only will you be happier, your clients will stick around 6 months longer.

If you want to work four days a week while 8 out of your 10 clients get the results they're looking for, we will show you how with Touchpoint Coaching Mapping.

If you believe the Coaching and Consulting space is too crowded to stand out and hit your own revenue goals, we will show you how to innovate with your offer to carve out your own market with the Customer Listening Path

If you’re tired of trying $37 products that leave you to figure out everything by yourself, you can add a 1:1 Action Plan Call with our team where we will show you how to put all the work into action to maximize your results.

The primary outcome we’re looking for is the Loyalty Triangle:

  • Retention - Clients keep paying you month after month, allowing you to add $5-15k per month without bringing any new clients or doing any extra marketing/sales

  • Upgrades - You’ll get 3-5 out of 10 clients to continue to work with you on more advanced and profitable offers

  • Increased Referrals - Not only will you create happier clients, they’ll become a marketing asset that sends you new clients to work with without added ad spend or sales calls

We’re 100% committed to helping you double the client success rate and add at least an extra $5k/month lifetime client value in this workshop that has never been hosted for the “public” before. You’ll have access to the team, and you can ask us anything during the workshop while taking advantage of the 1:1 action plan call at the end.

Keep in mind this workshop is "work at your own pace" so you can take your time, back track and take advantage of continued access any time you need a refresher.

Unlike most workshops where it's simply "pay and hit play" on automated content, we're so sure that we can help you make the drastic changes in your business that will make you love it again that we are giving The Customer Loyalty workshop clients access to our team of expert entrepreneurs (yes, we've ALL built our own businesses before) so we can be CERTAIN that you're getting the help you need.

And not only will you get continued access to the team (something most people pay thousands per month for), but you will become part of our client mastermind with weekly mastermind calls and bi-weekly hot seats.

It's crazy, right? But that's how much we care about client success!

As soon as you sign up for The Client Loyalty Workshop, we will add you to our private client Facebook group. There you can gain direct access to the entire Ethical Scaling team in three ways.

For just $97?

Yes, you read right.

But we won't be doing this forever.

If you accept our invitation and if you’re ready to stop with the shiny marketing tactics that come out every week, you can reserve your spot with the link below, and we will start working on leveling up your business.

It’s $97, and you can sign up below...

PS: This is not another outdated strategy that worked when webinars came out in 2008. Times have changed.

This is the most up-to-date Profit Multiplier and Customer Loyalty Program out there that aligns psychology, behavioral science, and customer retention adapted to the 2021 business era.

In summary, this is the best system you can plug into your business and get in running in less than a week.

If you want to discuss some of the details just send any of us a message on Facebook.

Some of the feedback coming from our incredible clients:

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